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We like to put things into categories, don’t we?  It makes us feel safe and comfortable.  It makes us feel like we are in control if we can identify where something belongs or where things come from.  We don’t like to think of anything as random.  That’s awkward and poses too many unanswerable questions.

We have a category for friends and another for family.  We have one for work and one for play.  Some things are important while others are trivial.  Some movies are dramatic and others comedic. We have free time and we have schedules.

So I pose the question:  Is there also room for a distinction between sacred and secular?  Some things are a matter of faith while others are scientific, right?   The manger is religious and Santa is fun.  Praying is sacred and playing is secular. Sunday morning belongs to God and Monday ushers us back into the real world.  Or so we think.  But how do we categorize kindness or beauty or celebration?  Are they done by reason or by inspiration?  How does work fit into these lists?  Or money?  Or our homes?  Where are we to draw the line?

Let’s imagine for a moment that the categories have different names.  Or better yet, let’s imagine there is no line at all.  The first thing we have to do is take a careful look at our columns and then – erase the line between them.  There is no secular.  There is no sacred.  It’s all one category.  It’s called life.

Now admittedly, not all things in life are good, and much of it is downright evil.  There is regret and there is slander, there is injustice and arrogance, hatred and greed.  What do we do with these?  Are we to call these life as well?  Certainly they are within the experience of each one of us, but there is a very important distinction which must be made:  there is a category called sin and it is not to be minimized.  But here’s the liberating thing – if it’s not sin, it’s life, and life is OK!

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