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I’ve been thinking a lot about peace lately.  I suppose that’s because it’s been in short supply.  At least in my own heart.  So I’d like to share my thoughts with you. They are a result of conversations with wise and trusted friends.  And time has proven them to be true.

God really has very little to say about our happiness.  It would seem that it’s not a big concern of His.  Now that may seem a bit harsh, but when you think about it, it’s really peace we’re after.  We are a pretty tough people, and I think if we just have peace, we can handle just about anything.

Here’s the good news:  God has a lot to say about peace. He offers it repeatedly.  This topic was even among Jesus’ last words:  ”My peace I leave with you.”

Well, that’s all fine and good.  And I believe it.  But how do I get from here to there, from a place of unrest to rest?  I think it lies somewhere in the principle of “not thinking our way into a new way of acting (feeling) but acting our way into a new way of feeling.”.  In other words, imagine how you would act if you were at peace. In the doing of it, the feelings will follow.

This is not pretending.  It’s not denying truth or wearing a mask.  Instead, it’s putting on the truth, as putting on a jacket when you’re cold.  You are not denying that you’re cold; you are doing something about it.   The Bible says that we are to “strive to enter into His peace.”  Now there’s a contradiction in terms. But I think this may be what the writer is talking about. There is an element of choice and determination involved.

But there’s more.  I don’t believe peace is possible because it’s a nice thought or wishful thinking.  I believe what God said about it.  So as I live my day-to-day life as if it’s true, it’s really God that I’m actively trusting.  And I can truthfully (and happily) report that, so far, it’s working.  And here’s something else:  I’ve found myself smiling a lot lately.  Yeah.  It seems that once I was at peace, happiness naturally followed.

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