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There are many things that could be attributed to chance.  Or circumstance.  Or the generosity of others.  Or our own wits.  I don’t doubt that these things play a part in the events of our lives (though I’m still wondering about the chance bit).  But what if I attribute a good thing to God?  Am I being naïve?  Am I simple-minded to call something an act of God when there is a perfectly rational explanation?

The way I see it, He is the originator of everything.  Whether directly or indirectly, it all comes from His hand.  Makes sense if He’s the creator, don’t you think?  I see spring bloom again after a long winter, and I thank Him.  I see someone recover from an illness and trace the medical community’s knowledge back to God’s design.  I’m grateful for the things that we have, knowing God provided the skill to perform the job which pays the bills.

But why?  Why not just let it be, live life, and trust in the explanations that are so evident?  I could do that.  I could study how the planets came to be, how weather patterns change, how different personalities conflict or harmonize.  And I do find those things very interesting.  But, to me, magnificent as they are, they seem a bit shallow if they end there.

I want more.  I want to go further, to see where all that came from.  There is a song by Ceili Rain that says, “I know that You’re out there because I long for You.”  I know that’s circular reasoning, but there’s truth in that.  We’re not thirsty for no reason.  We thirst because we need water, and that water is available.  We hunger for the same reason.  Food is necessary to life.  So is hunger.

And so we hunger for God, each in our own way, some more aware of it than others.  But I believe it’s true.  It’s simple, it’s mysterious, and it’s satisfying.  Call me naïve, but I’m going to continue to live this way.






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I had a really big decision to make.  It was life-changing.  It was the kind of thing that, once it was made, there would be no going back.  It would change everything.

Most days, I was very enthusiastic.  Everything pointed to YES .  It seemed everything in my life had been building up to this very thing, yet there was a nagging sense at times that perhaps I was reading too much into circumstances.  Perhaps this would be a diversion that would end up in disaster.  After all, my life at present was very satisfying and purposeful.  Why change all that?

It was during this quandary that I encountered a stranger who came to change the way I think about decision-making.  We were seated next to one another on a flight from Buffalo to San Diego.   He had no idea the dilemma I was facing when he began talking about the will of God.  Imagine!  He introduced himself as a Christian counselor in San Diego, and for some reason began telling me how he thinks we Christians drive ourselves nuts trying to make perfect decisions. 

He said that we put these choices into the wrong categories.  We think of them as “right or wrong,” when we should in fact think of them as “good or bad,” or even ”good or better.”   His idea is that we stop looking for that one perfect choice, and just use wisdom and go with what seems to be a good choice.  There will be adjustments along the way, as circumstances and further information come into play, but we will be moving in a good direction.

Now, God says a lot about wisdom in His book.  Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are all through the Bible, as if He expects us to learn them and use them.  Understand this:  He won’t bless us because we made the perfect choice, (hooray for us; we’re smart) but because we belong to Him and He loves us.  His intentions toward us are good!  We can walk in freedom, freedom to choose well, freedom to make adjustments, freedom to learn as we go.  We can rest in that.

So what did I do?  I carefully but wholeheartedly made that decision on which there was no going back, the one I was tending toward in the first place.  It was not perfect, but it was very good.

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