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I think what I really want to call this article is something like “A Call to Compassion.”  But first off, let me tell you my position on it, so there’s no confusion:  I am pro-life, and believe that in far too many cases, abortions are chosen when there may have been a better way and provided life for a child who was certainly wanted by somebody.

There.  The next thing I want to make clear is for whom I’m calling this compassion.  I think many on the pro-life side have been rightly calling for compassion for the pre-born.  I agree.  But what I want to do here is call for compassion for the opposing political/social side, no matter which side you find yourself on.

And I think I’m mainly going to have to address my side.  First of all, to say that I’m pro-life implies that the other side is not.  That is not true.  I use that term because it seems to be the title that has stuck.  I know that the pro-choice-ers are also pro-life.  They believe that abortions are necessary at times to maintain quality of life for the mother, or that by allowing the birth, the baby is at risk of a poor quality of life.  Neither would I call them pro-aborts.  It’s the pregnancy that is unwanted, not the abortion that is wanted.  They just see no other viable alternative.

Is there anything I should say to the pro-choice side?  Not much.  I’m not here to try to persuade you otherwise.  There are plenty of resources for that.  I think the difference between us is that we value the choice of the child, understanding that no child ever asked to be born, but also knowing that no child would ever choose otherwise.  Your position values the choice of the mother and her right to determine what is best.

So the way I see it, we’re all pro-life, and we’re all pro-choice.  I hope that we can have a little more understanding and respect for one another.

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2 Responses to “Abortion”

  • I don’t care for this posting because it fails to realize that women of means have always had choices. I am pro-choice but I would not have an abortion, nor would I ever take the right to make this choice away from other women. Why are you assumming that abortion is an easy choice?? If you don’t believe in abortion or see yourself as pro-life, good for you, but why do you think it’s ok to make this choice for everyone? Live your truth, but for God’s sake, don’t force your choice/beliefs on others.

  • Linda Hogue:

    Patty, I appreciate your comments, but I think you have missed the heart of what I’m saying. My intention was not to offer a treatise on the history of abortion and for whom it is available, and this post is not a plea for that right to be taken away. I don’t believe I said anything to infer that the choice is easy, only that in the struggle it is often chosen as a means to a more convenient end. I know. I used to counsel women who were faced with this decision. The point of this article was to call for understanding for the other side, no matter on which side you find yourself. I fail to see why you claim I’m forcing anything on anyone.

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