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If you’re like me, you try to make decisions, especially the big ones, according to what you think God would like.  That, we reason, is where the safety is.  After all, He loves us, has a wonderful plan for us, and everything will be OK in the end.

So we pray, we ask others we trust, and we do what seems right to us.  Of course, we’re sure wisdom is in there somewhere, because after all, we’re pretty smart and God wouldn’t let us make a mistake now, would He?

So we venture into this big decision.  Maybe it’s a new job, or a move, or school, or marriage.  These, after all, are the biggies.  Things are often rocky in the beginning because it’s new, there’s a learning curve, relational adjustments must be made, we’re living in the unfamiliar, and schedules are completely different.  Things get better after the initial transition settles down, and we feel at peace.  Yes, indeed, God is good.

But if our view of God is contingent upon the outcome of our situation, we are in serious trouble indeed.  Difficult times will come in anything, some temporary, some final.  People die.  Marriages end.  Careers end.  Regret can be crippling.

So where is God in all of this?  What does this say about faith?

Here’s what I want us to consider:  We were never meant to trust in the outcome; we are asked only to trust in the God who loves, leads, and sustains.  I may make the decision He had in mind, or I may not.  I may be following Him every step of the way, or I may get off course at some point.  But He is the one who deserves my trust, not my prayer.

Do we make mistakes?  You bet.  Do we choose wrongly?  Often times, yes.  Will God give up on us, accuse of not listening?  No.  He will make adjustments.  There is always a Plan B.  Don’t we see it all around us?  You can’t tell me this world or the people in it were as God originally intended.  But He loves us.  He is still working.  And following Him is something that we learn.  We get better with practice.

So put your faith in God alone.  That means to trust Him, to lean on Him, to rely on His good intentions.  No matter what, He’ll be there to catch you – or to cheer you on.

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