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I wish I’d studied sociology in school.  Don’t you think the trends we see are fascinating?  I’ve been thinking lately about the T-shirts people wear, the bumper stickers we put on our cars, the mugs we carefully choose each morning, the flags in our gardens, the tattoos some folks decorate their bodies with…  But I didn’t study sociology, or much psychology, or anthropology for that matter.  I’m just an observer.  I could be wrong, but doesn’t it seem like we just want to be known?  (And why am I even blogging, you wonder!)

We live in a time when we’re very individualistic.  We seek to create or at least discover our own identity.  We want to be different.  We want to be noticed.  We choose our own style, our own hair color, our own lifestyle, our own college major.  We do it all in the name of freedom.

But wait.  No!  What was I thinking?  We don’t want to be different.  We want to fit in!  We want to be accepted for who we are, but who we are had better be something like who everyone else is.  I can only wear outdated clothes if the date happens to be back in vogue.  I can’t listen to country music if I’m within earshot of anyone who would not approve.  I must learn to like shushi.

So it seems to me, we want to be known, but we are careful about just how much we let others see.  I don’t mind if you know that I like Saturday Night Live, so I’ll drink my coffee from my More Cowbell mug.  But to let you know that I keep my freezer inventory on my laptop, well, that may be another story.

In light of this, I was thinking of how Jesus talked about how we can know Him and be known by Him.  Does that sound inviting to you?  Do you think He would still love you if He really knew you?  If we admit our faults to Him will He reject us?   It seems to me it’s all about trust.  When I said that we don’t let others know everything about us, it’s because we don’t trust them to love and respect us if they do.  We fear their ridicule and rejection.  But what about with God?

I want to invite you, encourage you, to let God know you.  I mean really know you.  Tell Him your fears, your dreams, your faults, your joys.  Even in your most solitude of times, you’ll never be alone.  And you’ll always be loved.

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