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Does God ever invade your thoughts in such a way that it stops you dead in your tracks?  It happens to me every now and then.  He mostly corrects me, but I don’t care because I’m just so glad to hear from Him.  And really, when you think about it, it shows He cares.  It also shows He believes I can do better.

Let me tell you about one particular day.  I was walking to my office, thinking about the day ahead of me, asking Him to do those things He does.  You know – fix some impossible situations, give hope where there is none, provide resources when there just aren’t any…  He’s good at those things.  I was praying in faith, I was.  I believed He could do those things, and I told Him so.  I told Him I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t believe in His power and His love.  Yessirree, I believed God for the big things.

And that was His point.  He stopped me in my tracks and said, “Your faith is not big.  Your faith is small.  You’re waiting to see Me do the big things, so you can revel in your big faith.  I want you to see Me in the little things.  That’s where the big faith is.”

So, I’m happy to say, I have faith looks smaller now.  I’m willing to stop waiting for big things and look at the small things He’s already doing.  And by small, I don’t mean insignificant; I mean ordinary.  They just seem natural.  We don’t think of God as having anything to do with them.  They very often have an explanation.  We learned about those things in school, or they’re just a coincidence, or they’re a natural occurrence.  Of course the sun rises.  Of course we’re going to eat dinner again today.  Of course, of course, of course.

What we need to do is back up.  Why does the sun rise?  Where does our food come from?  Who gave us the ability to earn a paycheck?  How do doctors know what they know?  It can all be traced back to God!  Big faith risks ridicule.  Big faith looks small.  Big faith is a place of rest.

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One Response to “Big Faith”

  • Vicky Mansfield:

    Wow Linda-you are right on!!! I love the way you put things into perspective. You are walking the walk and talking the talk. Thank you.

    Vicky Williamson Mansfield

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