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I’ve been reading the Old Testament for a few months now. Today, after reading yet another genocide account and brutal murders ordained by God, I had a talk with Him. I told Him that the biggest challenge to my faith is the Old Testament.

I told Him that what troubled me was not just what happened, what He ordered to happen and what pleased Him, but that I’ve come to believe that all of Scripture teaches us something about His nature and character, and I don’t like what that says about Him.

Or maybe I just don’t understand.

Then the conversation continued. He told me that the Bible not only tells us about His nature, but about ours. And about His holiness. And about the awfulness of sin.

Yes, sin. We tend to downplay that and don’t think of it as being as bad as it really is. For that matter, we don’t think of God’s holiness as being all that much, either. We call Him good, but we have no idea the magnitude. And put that up alongside our sin and, well, the contrast is more than we like to think.

So the question which naturally follows is, if God is still holy and we are still sinful, why don’t those things Old Testament things continue to happen today? No one thinks of God as all that vengeful now, and He is not directing people to kill other people. He’s just not. And here’s why: Jesus.

Jesus was the pivotal point in history. His death was so awful because our sin was so awful. That is what He took on. If it weren’t for that, He could have died in His sleep. But He had to suffer, just like we saw in “The Passion of the Christ.” It was brutal. And it is past.

So we are no less sinful, and God is no less holy. But Jesus made the difference. Our sin died with Him, and God’s consequences were taken care of.

I don’t usually talk to Him like that, but today I’m glad I did, because He answered me.

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