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There is probably a perfectly reasonable for everything that seems miraculous.  I mean, we may look at a sunrise in sheer awe at its splendor, maybe even congratulating God on a job well done, while another may consider the science that went into it and dismiss any attributes of faith altogether.  Or, in seeming answer to prayer, a cancer patient may be declared cancer-free while God’s people proclaim His faithfulness, and all the while we know that chemo therapy can do wonders.  And when the wandering child returns home after months or years of rebellion and familial aloofness, we say God is good and credit Him with the reunion.  Did the child just grow up and gain a new, adult perspective?

Are we naive?  Are we gullible?  Have we been so indoctrinated in the church that we have lost our senses?  Come on.  Think!

When I go to a movie, and I’m talking about a really well-done movie, the kind that takes you to another place and causes you to forget where you are and who you are…  When I go to that kind of movie, I come away thinking of all the creativity that went into it.  Writers, actors, directors, cinematographers, make-up artists, set decorators, costumers, foley artists – everyone executing their craft with excellence.  Where did that come from?  I come away thinking about that.  It’s amazing — the talent, the teamwork, the human capacity.

When a teacher is able to reach a child, to get her to understand a principle, to gain her trust and build confidence; when a businessman takes an unpopular stand, one that will cost his business and his colleagues profit, but one that will take care of their employees and customers; when a friend is able to forgive; when a father provides for his family despite the long hours and hard labor required, these are noteworthy.

All of these things, from the sunrise to the sacrificial life – all of these things are what God has put into creation, into humanity.  There are explanations.  There is chemo therapy, there is education, there is human decency.  But dig deeper.  Don’t stop there.  Look behind it all.  Where did it come from?  Who is behind it?

I think, by the very fact that things can be explained, that what some would attribute to God others would call natural phenomena – (how can I say this?) – to me, that is just another demonstration that God is in it.  He is so involved in all of life that we are accustomed to things as they are, things as He made them to be.  The very fact that some deny Him is the reason I believe.  He is behind everything, and we are so used to seeing Him that we no longer recognize Him.

May our eyes be opened.  May we all have eyes to see.



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2 Responses to “Get Real”

  • Martie Fischer:

    As I was preparing for my afternoon Bible study I read a story about a man finding a watch in a field. Never having seen a watch before he examines it and determines, not that it fell to earth as is, but that someone made this thing–there must be a watch maker. Similarly, there must be a worldmaker. In a seminary class that had been a particularly contentioius discussion about creationism, the professor stopped at my seat and asked, Miss Fischer, what do you think? I almost never spoke in class, but I looked at him and answered “In the beginning, God! After that it doesn’t matter to me how it happened–big bang, poof it is here, whatever, in the beginning, God.” I feel this way about everything–God is the beginning and the ending. In the middle, we are free to do what we think best, and have all the guidelines to do what is right. It is our choice. Human beings developed chemo, human beings study and learn, human beings choose to run away and to return–and human beings pick and choose who to blame or give credit for events. When a cancer patient is cured we give credit to God, when they die, we blame God. What is God’s role, what is human’s role? I’m not sure, but I am sure that “In the beginning, God. And in the end, God.”

  • helen johnson:

    May we have eyes to see…
    May our eyes be opened…
    May we have hearts that may be filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit to hear, see, feel, and know the right way to live and to know HE is with us at all times.. providing, forgiving, loving,,,,,,,
    Thank you Linda for your insight and thank the Lord for your creative ability to think and write! Thanks my friend!!!!

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